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ADRENO Spearfishing is one of the world's biggest and best one-stop freediving and spearfishing stores. We stock everything our customers need for freediving and spearfishing, whilst providing that all-important advice about gear, diving, trips and dive locations for all levels of experience. Our extensive knowledge in the area, and drive to give our customers practical and affordable products, means that we are continuously creating new products under the ADRENO brand.

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ADRENO Spearfishing Supplies was created by two keen and experienced spearfishermen, including former Australian Spearfishing Champion and current sole Managing Director Tim Neilsen, to cater specifically for the sports of spearfishing and freediving. They created ADRENO to provide a large range of gear at great prices - something they struggled to find in the mostly underground Spearfishing industry at the time. Now, 12 years later, ADRENO has grown into one of the leaders in the spearfishing industry, both within Australia and world-wide. Now, with decades of experience behind them, ADRENO is branching out to create products that we know our customers want and need, using the ADRENO brand.